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While we make strides in the world of Sales Enablement in one of the fastest growing economies of the world here in India, we are trying to create content and information for you that is relevant to the industry and the business climate. The Playday team is constantly inspired by the market and thought leaders and here we look at 11 of the very best in our field.


1) HubSpot Sales

It’d be wrong to start the article without mentioning HubSpot’s excellent Sales blog to gain insight into the world of Selling. HubSpot provides some of the finest and user friendly tools for marketers to empower sales.


2) Brainshark Ideas Blog

Brainshark helps companies improve sales effectiveness and productivity. Their Ideas Blog is a treasure trove of industry expert views and articles that stay with you in your regular work. Being an industry leader is natural to Brainshark and we recommend this eBook from Brainshark as a primer for the industry.


3) A Sales Guy

Keenan is A Sales Guy and when he says he’s badass, he’s right. Keenan writes passionately and has a to-the-point, no nonsense approach towards Sales. His experiences are an invaluable insight into the world of Sales Enablement.


4) The Sales Enablement Blog by Mindmatrix

We love Mindmatrix because it gives us a sense of perspective in their blogs. They are data driven and write about technologies and how they help to enable sales. Rukmani Anantharam writes topical and informative pieces on the market and sales environment.


5) SiriusDecisions Blog

SiriusDecisions is the leading global b-to-b research and advisory firm and their blog provides valuable inputs on Sales. We found this checklist to be of great use. They write about each step in the process of Sales Enablement which helps understand importance of every individual and their roles that lead up to the eventual sale.


6) True Sales Results Blog

True Sales Results is a boutique sales consultancy solely focused on B2B technology sales to the enterprise. Since they are solely B2B, we constantly turn to their experiences while selling B2B products ourselves. Take this article for example, where they talk about Kids being in charge, essentially talking about Startups and 20 somethings leading the way for change. I am still in my 20’s (albeit the other side of 25) but I attended a meeting with Series B funded Indian Startup with 22 year olds on the table and I could connect with the article.


7) B2B Sales Enablement Blog by Stefan Funk

B2B Sales Enablement Blog was last updated in October 2014 but Stefan started writing about Sales Enablement in 2012. An early stage ring side view on the industry is represented in this article where Stefan asks us to rename Sales Enablement programs in companies to Learning Adoption. We also like An Enablement Program Approach Will Lead to Higher Learner’s Satisfaction series.


8) Inflexion Point Blog

Take a look at the Sales Enablement posts from Inflexion Point’s Blog where they are rethinking the fundamentals of modern B2B Selling. A subtle approach to selling makes them a Playday favourite. Their piece on Sales Funnel resonates with every Sales Enablement individual and helps you make decisions earlier than usual.


9) Yesler Blog

Yesler Blogs has articles on Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Analytics and of course Sales Enablement. Being a Marketing Company at large, they are essential to understanding the link between Marketing and Sales. We recommend this as necessary reading.


10) The Sales Lion Blog

Marcus Sheridan is an Inbound Marketing expert who sold swimming pools by writing blogs. Sounds interesting? He was on the verge of bankruptcy until he realized the power on the internet and utilized it to get fantastic results. The Sales Lion blog writes about creating content for internet consumption. Of course we can’t deny that Content is afterall, king.


11) Sales Benchmark Index Blog

No article about Sales Enablement blogging is complete without the mention of Sales Benchmark Index. As the name suggests, they are all about numbers and you should be too. The Sales Enablement Case Study is a great example on how to create great plans in the field for clients and find customer success.


We hope this list becomes your ready reckoner for Sales Enablement reading on the web.

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