Brian Geery at SalesNV defines Sales Readiness as

“Providing product sales training, that serves the broad requirements of an entire field organization, to address the specific information needs of sales professionals and managers.”

Sales Readiness can be of 2 types –

  1. New Hire Sales Readiness
  2. New Product Sales Readiness

Here, we look at 5 tips for Sales Readiness in organisations for new hires.

1. From Classroom to e-Onboarding 

Day 1 – All new hires are requested to assemble at Conference Room 3 for an all day session.

Day 2 – Repeat.

Day 3 – Repeat followed by dinner at the Cafeteria with 2 Managers.

That sounds familiar. Doesn’t it? Doesn’t need to.

Sales Enablement leaders around the world speak about the need to move the classroom. Classrooms are boring, time consuming and ineffective. Which Sales person wants to spend days in a classroom when he can be on the field learning things practically? 

2. Mentor Your Hires

Mentoring is the feedback exercise that world beaters use. Assign managers to new hires who will lead the way. Freshly minted B-school graduates love the attention and you don’t deny them that. Shower a little praise, teach them a few tricks and watch them outsell!

3. Get your Content right

Most of the content in organisations is verbose with lots of jargon and industry terminology that new hires have little or no idea. This is 2015 and companies are looking at Videos as the Gold Standard. With lower attention spans, what was explained in 15 slides over 1 hour needs to be done in 3 minute crisp videos. Shorter, crisper presentations, graphics and pictures also help in understanding better.

4. Sustained Actions post Training

Training if not reinforced is a futile exercise on which billions are spent across the world. When we talk about sustained actions, we are looking at regular assessments of the training, case studies and the ability of the salesperson to recall the same while making the sale. Analytics behind the same are integral to making the organisational jump from being good sellers to great sales machines.

5. Teach them Customer Success/Satisfaction

Sales Target is the ultimate level of satisfaction for a Sales person. Currently.

Customer Success/Satisfaction is the ultimate level of satisfaction for a Sales person. Ideally.

Companies which love customer success/satisfaction are the ones who we recall all the time. Put the sales people in the shoes of the buyer and let them understand the process of buying, buyer persona and help them understand the aim of the product/service. Sales targets will be met and beaten if the sale is made for the ‘Wow!’ moment.

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