In this era of disruptive technology Sales has become a more challenging task for sales reps.

In a recent Wall Street Journal post titled “How CIOs Can Boost Their Businesses as Chief Digital Officers,” Clint Boulton noted a Gartner study of 2,000 CIOs who serve as chief digital officers as well, focusing on mobile, analytics, social and cloud tech to grow their businesses. These CIOs who are also CDOs collaborate with other lines of business like operations, sales and marketing to improve awareness and also establish a strategic presence for IT.

For salespeople juggling all manner of critical information, I’ve assembled a list of seven of the most useful online and mobile apps that can help your sales team become more organized and, most importantly, more productive.



Evernote is pretty useful for anyone. For salespeople, having a place where they can keep track of things like product notes, customer information, and anything else that comes to mind is very important. If you spend time switching back and forth between a laptop and an iOS device, having your notes sync is even more important.


cam card

For those who have a massive stack of business cards at the bottom of your briefcase, CamCard is a lifesaver. CamCard Lite reads business cards and saves contact information internally or in your phone’s contacts. Not only is the app highly accurate, but it also lets you group contacts, make notes, and search LinkedIn.


Sitting around and playing the waiting game is no fun. You’re thinking to yourself, “I sent over the proposal, but did they open it yet? I don’t want to bug them. But what if it went to their spam folder. What should I do?!?” Stop fretting and start paying attention to the signals that your prospects are sending.

Sidekick is a slick tool that brings you real-time updates when prospects open and click on your emails. These instant notifications can give you the edge you need to focus your time and effort on the most engaged leads. With integrations with Outlook and Gmail, you can easily plug and play right inside your current workflow.

Sidekick also offers premium integrations with HubSpot and Salesfore.



Presenting the product or service offered is key, and doing it in the slickest, most professional way possible is a must. Not all sales calls will require a presentation, but for ones that do having them in the Keynote app right on your iOS device is awesome, as it allows you to show them off anywhere you go. Paired with an iPad or projector the Keynote app on iOS makes it easy to present that which you are selling.



Reaching out to someone for the first time through email? Looking for a creative conversation starter? Rapportive is a free Gmail extension that brings rich contact profiles right into your Gmail interface. These contact profiles make it easy to see what your prospect has recently shared on their social channels. You can also easily connect with the prospect on social media, right inside Gmail. This information can give you the context to kick off a meaningful conversation from the get-go.



This call router helps free you from a landline and routes calls to any phone you choose. A client’s call to your company can be automatically redirected to the cell phone of a sales rep that might not necessarily be at his or her desk.

Google Maps:


If you want to see that sale go from locked and loaded to lose in a matter of seconds, show up late for the call. Nothing can get a sales call started off worse than getting lost and not arriving at a promised time. It makes the client think negative.

To avoid this, be prepared with GPS. I prefer Google Maps myself, but Waze, Apple Maps, and plenty of other iOS GPS solutions will be able to do the job as well.

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