About Playday

In an age where customers are more demanding than ever, have high awareness levels of products that could solve their pain points, and the cost of transfer to competition products are insignificant; Sales Managers are facing unique challenges to meet their team quota than ever before.

If you are a Sales Manager who suffers from:
i) Prolonged Sales Readiness time of new joinees
ii) Difficulty in having your team articulate your product features and benefits effectively and in a standardized manner across globally spread teams
iii) Lack of uniformity in representing the company and its solutions
iv) Challenges in measurement of performance of sales reps on the field
v) Short attention span of millennials and therefore ineffective product learning

If yes, Playday would be the ideal solution for you and your company!

Playday is an award winning, on demand gamified Sales Enablement product that helps enterprise sales reps build product knowledge and sales skills, while onboarding new sales hires and reducing their go-to-market time by 50%.

Playday is headquartered in Bangalore and has offices across Mumbai, Delhi and Toronto. Playday is primarily used by companies in the BFSI, Pharma, Retail , Technology and Manufacturing sectors and works great on PC/Tablet/Mobile devices. Playday recently won the prestigious Tech HR Spotlight Awards from People Matters under the category “Futurism In Talent Management” and has been shortlisted among the top 100 startups of the country, as a part of 10,000 Start-Ups – A NASSCOM Initiative.

Playday Team

Raj Dam | Founder and Interactive Learning Evangelist An Entrepreneur with a decade of experience in solving learning challenges for enterprises. Raj is passionate about making any content interesting and engaging and easy to consume. He has traveled to more than 75+ destinations and interacted with students, businessmen, blue collar and white collar employees in large and medium enterprises across verticals like Tech, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail enabling him to generate insights on people and create content solutions that truly engages. Raj has successfully built a award winning company with a brilliant team of winners in the last 3 years and have collaborated with business leaders from Fortune 100 companies internationally. Linked In Profile

Daksha Ballal | Content Architect Since 2012, Daksha has overseen all Content Operations at QuizWorks. At Playday, he heads the Content gamification vertical with the intention of enhancing user engagement and learning. If he is not found doing this, then he is probably indulging in sports, movies, books and all things that keep him "content"! Linked In Profile

Varun Baruah | Product Manager Product Development; Product Management; Customer Success; Deployment ; Product Marketing & Strategy; Operations; User Engagement are his specialities. He believes that " Working with good people is the Key, everything else will follow!" Linked In Profile

Amitaditya Karmakar | Product Head The unparalleled Product Head at Playday, he is the go to guy for efficient product evolution and deployment. When not fine tuning the product, he spends most of his time watching movies and learning to cook. Linked In Profile