Lets start from the fundamentals – the objective of a cold email is to entice customer interest – expressed through a web visit, a response for information, or in a low touch sales model, a buy. The keyword here is ‘interest’. Here’s how to acheive it:

# Create Curiosity

“Do you know how ABC Company increased its cross-selling opportunity by 60%?”


This type of questions fundamentally stoke prospect’s brains and raise curiosity on a cold e-mail and entice him to read further. This is way more effective than a whole paragraph on what the companies services are. The objective here is to entice your prospects and keep them reading. Your introduction should not look and sound like everyone else’s, because then the prospect would leave way before she has got to your call to action.


#Create Trust/Relate to the Prospect

“Would like to share some information on how companies are this e-mail finder tool that integrates to linkedin and reduces sales man hours”


Make sure you address a genuine pain point among your prospects, something that is relatable and if solved would significantly increases sales productivity or brings in the moolah.

#Avoid “I. Me. Myself”

So, you are an award winning, patent pending, Tier 1 VC invested (Who also invested in Google), top management from Ivy league, company that has Fortune 500 companies giving an arm to work with you. Great! But that soesn’t do anything for the prospect. Teaching her a list of her pain points wont help either, because if she is a decision maker she already knows her pain, and a cold email is possibly not the place she is searching for solutions.

The key is to KISS -Keep it short and simple.
#EmailHack – Instead of saying “Can i get 30  mins of your time” you may try and add “30 mins of your time, or alternately, direct us to any of your colleagues, who i could carry on this discussion”. This should get you much higher response rates.


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