Save time and money on travel and venues for classroom-based training
Customize the design to match your company branding
Increase workforce engagement resulting in improved productivity
Enhanced collaboration amongst employees
Access a wider global audience
Easily integrated with CRM applications, Salesforce automation tools
Hosted/SaaS Gamified Platform
Accesible via PC,MAC,IOS/Android Smartphones & tablet
Client Specific Customizations
Social Media Plug-in
No software download
Reporting & Analytics


Playday offers in-platform messaging and newsfeeds keep trainees up-to-date with the latest peer activity while enabling more communication between the participants. Basically, this is a peer-to-peer messaging service to enable communication within portal users. It also, enables users to invite new participants using email IDs. Playday also provides Single sign on feature using Facebook or Twitter credentials in case the company email is not allowed to be used, or is not available. This enables communication among the users both within the application, as well as on social media. In addition to Single Sign-On, we can integrate with LDAP, Active Directory, Google’s App Engine, Cloud based CRM applications such as Salesforce, and provide APIs to any Learning Management System.

Hosting & Configuration

Playday is a hosted system, which means we take care of file storage and IT support. All Playday accounts are password protected and when you’re online using Playday you're protected by a SSL (HTTPS) secure connection.

  • Multimedia Content: Upload powerpoint presentations, audio files, video files, pdfs, text documents, from offline and offline directories such as Google Docs, SlideShare, YouTube, Dropbox etc.
  • 360 degrees Management: Playday’simple and effective GUI helps you organize your learning content easily, customize it quickly and manage it effectively
  • Enterprise Integration: Playday can be easily integrated with CRM applications, Salesforce automation tools and other Learning Management Systems beings used currently
  • Self-managing, self-authoring platform: Learning content can be easily created by individual managers, or a training department. Playday offers customization and support services for the same
  • Device enabled: Playday’s platform is compatible with a wide range of tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Playday enables gamified learning, social learning and mobile learning, with built-in analytics and reporting in order to assess learner’s skills better.
  • User-Friendly: Playday’s easy-to-use interface, and interactive features that can help you build engaging content makes it highly popular with users and organizations.
  • Training Drilldown: Playday offers users the ability to drilldown from group to user to activity to task level, and get insights on user behavior.
  • Insights on User Participation: Monitor usage on individual modules, sessions and features to get an insight into the learner’s involvement
  • Communication Features: In-platform messaging and newsfeeds help trainers and learners interact with each other seamlessly, and exchange data with ease.