Digitize New Hire Onboarding

Make HR policy and compliance learning interesting with Playday.

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Playday uses game mechanics to provide an engaging and immersive experience to new hires during their onboarding process. Playday also helps existing employees to learn company policies and complete compliance trainings in a fun and interactive manner.

Make induction paperless

Digitise your inductions with Playday's gamified induction platform.

Measure and reward learning

Use powerful analytics to track and measure learning and completion of learning modules across HR policy and compliance training. Motivate and reward learners both with game mechanics and tangible e-store at playday.

Leverage the power of Self Determination Theory

Playday is built on self determination theory which is based on the premise that any motivation behind the choices that people make without any external influence and interference, helps in providing an autonomous path to mastery.

Solve the engagement gap in policy learning

Company policies are by its nature ‘dry’ or ‘boring’ topics to learn. Build intricacy and game-fulness into such content making them more engaging for employees to complete.

Save HR teams' time

Save on travel co-ordination, paperwork and executive time by taking induction and policy learning online.

Why choose Playday?

Seamlessly onboard new hires. Manage documentation and engagement with new hires even before they join

Automate your tasks and send notifications to new hires upon completing deadlines

Easy integration with your current HRMS