Sell more sell better with Playday

Help build sales skills and product knowledge.

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Challenges a Chief Sales Officer faces

  • Prolonged sales readiness time of new joiners
  • Limited standardization of sales collateral
  • Lack of uniformity in representing the company
  • Difficulty in building sales skills and product knowledge in globally spread workforce
  • Challenges in measurement of performance of reps
  • Short attention span of Millennials

How Playday solves these challenges?

  • An engaging online platform reduces sales readiness time
  • Robust content engine ensures all your relevant content is at one place and easily accessible
  • Multimedia based assessment assures uniformity across your salesforce while representing the company
  • SaaS based model provides similar learning experience for a geographically spread team
  • Inbuilt analytics and in-depth reporting measures accurate individual performance
  • Game dynamics takes away the “dry” feel of traditional online learning style and engages your audience

Why choose Playday?

Sell more sell better with Playday

Help build sales skill and product knowledge. Make sales reps represent the product uniformly in a demo call. Reduce misrepresentation and misselling.

Create winning conversations

Build rapport, uncover aspirations and afflictions. Empower your sales force and make the impact clear

Standardize sales documentation

No longer hunt for product datasheets, NDA’s, case studies. Standardize your sales documents and access them easily, all in one place!

Onboard new hires effectively

Let new hires know about the company, product even before they join. Help them be sales ready on day 1. Save time and money on classroom training

Measure Learning & Engage to win

Identify potential rockstars in the team, find and fill gaps in skills and product knowledge of everyone. Reduce the engagement gap in learning. Make dry content interesting through game mechanics. Manage millenial learning better