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Tamara Schenk, Research Director at CSO Insights has written a great piece on the need to define Sales Enablement here.  She says, “Definitions are a productivity booster rather than a waste of time.”

At Playday, we are looking at Sales Enablement in India and like most global companies have found, India is well, different. Let’s take the example of Uber. A company that prides itself on seamless, cashless travel across the world decided that it would need to bend its business model in India by starting to accept Cash payments.

“Increase the number of Sales people.” – Anon

No, it’s not Anon. It’s most Indian Sales Managers.

Let us look at our definition of Sales Enablement.

Sales Enablement is a continuous activity aimed at enhancing the sales experience for the customer by empowering the Sales force with product knowledge information, case studies and sales collateral in a central place for easy access with a digital organisational outlook.

Let us break this to understand better –

  1. Sales Enablement should be continuous because Sales are continuous. We are looking at firms to constantly inform their Sales people and be aware about their progress as well. Reinforcement of Sales Knowledge leads to better sales because on an average 80-90% of knowledge is lost within the first month.
  2. A central repository of information helps the Sales force to focus on Sales. Salespeople spend on an average 30-50 hours a month just searching for the right content
  3. Adoption of technology is key to a nation as populous and geographically diverse as India. Nearly 78 out of 100 people own a mobile. Mobile is the way forward, classrooms are passé. Corporates only need to look closer to home incase of any doubts when our Government is championing Digital India.

We, at Playday, are constantly striving to make Sales Enablement easy for you. Request a demo!

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